Éclat d'envies ou envies d'Éclats

Composition for Flute and Electronics by Daphné Hejebri

A film by Arnaud Guillard, Sophie Irwin & Daphné Hejebri

Flute player - Coline Charnier

Dancer - Lisa Laurent

Bruxelles, July 2020

A Porte Chiuse

Composed by Daphné Hejebri

For String quartet and Electronics

Performed by musicians from the MDI ensemble (Milano)

Gargonza, Tuscany (Italy), 2020

Fragmentation d'un cri 


Composed by Daphné Hejebri

In collaboration with video artist Arnaud Guillard

Part of a larger serie of frames on mental disorders (more coming soon)

Montréal - Lyon, 2019

K.A.T. (Keeping All Tracks)

Composed by Daphné Hejebri

Marimba interpreted by Simon Aliotti

Electronics by Daphné Hejebri

Montréal, 2018


Composed by Daphné Hejebri

Interpreted by Clara Kim (violin), Adda Kridler (violin), Jocelin Pan (viola), and Joann Whang (cello).

Presented by Tesselat Composers Collective at Metropolis Ensemble Pop-Up Venue, New York City.


NY October 21, 2018

EPHEMERAL (from 20'33 mins)

Composed by Daphné Hejebri

Interpreted by the AVENA quartet

Electronics by Daphné Hejebri

Cité de la Musique et de la Danse de Strasbourg


Strasbourg (France), May 23rd, 2018